Mail Across America - Mail a Postcard or Letter Daily

BACKGROUND: The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) started out as the Post Office, and its basic role is provided for in our Constitution. USPS is supported by its customers when they buy stamps and use its services; generally not by taxes. USPS plays a vital role in the lives of many - especially the elderly, people with poor internet service, employees in the mailing industry, and folks who like the sensation of mailing and receiving mail. Many people still pay their bills by mail and send greeting cards and letters to family and friends. USPS is in financial trouble and may cease to operate by this Fall if we do nothing. 

ACTION: We can’t return to “normal,” and many of us feel powerless to do anything meaningful. However, there is something we can do together that is simple and inexpensive to help save the Postal Service, while enhancing our contact with our family, friends, and those in isolation. What you’ll find here are ideas to mail more often while keeping your costs down. If the Postal Service goes under, more than 7 million people will lose their jobs – not just postal employees, but people who are behind all the mail that is generated and mailed. See our "Action Ideas" page for examples of what you can do - with the hope that each of us will in turn encourage dozens of others to join us.

WHAT'S NEW ~ ~ Poetry swap with friends and family. Write a short one on a postcard or a longer one and enclose with a note in an envelope. Nice surprise and a great way to share poetry with support of the Postal Service. Do it today.

~ There are many reasons to write your U.S. Senators and Representatives. See links for their addresses near the bottom of our "Vote by Mail" page.